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The Power of New Years- Holiday Sales Tips For Business Owners

Size doesn’t matter! Every business owner should be taking advantage of the holiday season rush to increase visibility and sales! There are many creative, niched, ways to increase sales throughout the coming holiday season! Don’t be afraid to expand your comfort zone to create unique paths for your products that transform potential customers into returning patrons. It takes just a few simple tactics! Your holiday sales game will be on point!

1.) Niche down! There are Facebook groups that will promote your product FOR YOU! Countless groups on the OG blue app are specifically focused on a certain area of interest or expertise and your products or services will benefit them. Take full advantage of the visibility that “group-fishing” would provide. You can utilize scheduling apps such as Monday.com and Content Snare to schedule times to post content in those interest groups so that managing what and when to post becomes a no brainer!

2.) Hire Writers! Simple. Fiverr and Upwork are two of the latest apps to locate and commission professional copywriters to generate SEO-driven copy to fit the holiday season. Professional writers will conceive holiday-related questions that provoke thought and interest in how your products and services can serve your audience. From those open-ended queries, you will curate product or service-based solutions that you can and will provide!

3.) Funnels are life! Lead those who are wondering how you (and what you do) can serve them this season into an email funnel. Send out personalized emails per interest weekly throughout the holiday season. Emails are countless and annoying, but throughout the holiday season, holiday mavens peruse their emails for discounts and extra information on where to get those last minute gifts. Capitalize on personalizing separate emails per niche so that they will be more attracted to opening the email because it is of specific interest to them and not floating amongst the ever-flowing river of Christmas promotions.

4.) Never underestimate New Year’s! This is where you start your year off with a bang! January is a month of new beginnings, and a gold mine for post-holiday sales due to just that----new beginnings! Many are ready to re-up on apparel, appliances, and starting or revamping their businesses. The entire world is on a feverish search for everything they need to begin again! January is prime time to assist potential clients with their fresh goals and renewed aspirations. Ambitions are high, inhibitions are low, and will transform even the most hesitant customer into a returning one!

Take these suggestions as inspiration to take on the coming holidays with confidence and make lots of money!